Important Dates to Remember for Gr. 10


Important Dates to Remember for grade 10


  • October 1 st2017  noon Mass at St Thomas.  Grade 10 Blessing Mass. This is a mandatory Mass and a check in after Mass is required. .  Candidates will be called onto the alter and given a special blessing as they continue their journey to Confirmation.


  • November 4th Service Day: We will be hosting a day of service. More information can be found later in this packet. I will discuss the service day in depth.




  • January 20th (Saturday) or February 10th (Saturday) 11:00 to 6:30 are the two scheduled retreats.  You have been assigned to a retreat, they will be held at Villanova Hall and will close with attendance at the 5:30 Mass at St. Thomas, Mass is part of the retreat it is mandatory. We can accommodate a few changes to the date, but it will be on a first come first serve basis. All requests for changes must be submitted in writing no later than November 15th, 2015.  Retreats that could be cancelled due to inclement weather will then require students to write an essay and submit the letters that will be written to the Bishop on the day of the retreat.   The thought would be if driving is dangerous the students would be at home during the retreat day and could complete it at that time.  This has never happened, but, I will never endanger your children.
  • January 21st and January 22nd.  Students will be measured for their robes, during class, by the robe company.


Candlelight Service 

  • **March 11th, 2018, will be a Confirmation Light service from 6:50pm to 8pm held at St. Thomas Church site. This is a mandatory service for the sponsor and the candidate, if the sponsor is unable to attend a parent must attend in the sponsors place. This will be take place as their final class, ALL students will be expected to attend Sunday for this Ceremony.  Students will be checked in prior to the start of the ceremony which will begin PROMPLTY at 7pm.  Sunday night and Monday night classes are expected to attend, this will be the ONLY time all Candidates are together as a community and this will be the last official class.  Sunday night students and sponsors will report to their classrooms , check in with their teacher and head upstairs and sit in the reserved seating, please begin seating in the first row and move back as the Church fills.  Monday Night students will come downstairs and check in at a station that will be set up in the middle of the downstairs hall; and then proceed upstairs to the Church for the Ceremony.  Please make sure EVERY sponsor has a candle, sponsors should be seated in the Church DIRECTLY behind the candidate.




  • March 20th, 2018 Penance Service for Candidates We will hold a service from 7pm to 8pm at St. Thomas for the candidates. Candidates must receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation prior to Confirmation.

2018 Confirmation Dates

  • Saturday April 28th Confirmation at St. Thomas worship site.
  • Sunday April 29th Confirmation at St. Dorothy worship site.


Please select a confirmation date that best suits your schedule.  We will try to honor all requests; however, it will be on a first come first serve basis. 

  These forms must be submitted no later than November 15th or 16th 2017

Practices will be held the week prior to your Confirmation; those dates will be passed out once Confirmation dates have been finalized.  To be fair to families I will have to assign your date if the paperwork is not in on time.  Many families have people from out of state or sponsors that need to travel and they need their dates to make plans.

Practice will be held during the week prior to the Confirmation from 7pm to 8pm, each group will have one practice and robes will be given out that evening as long as the student has met their requirements.



Please feel free to contact me at 978-658-6040 or email me at

The office is CLOSED Thursday, Friday or Saturday, so please do not expect a response on those days.  If you feel something is urgent, leave a phone number on your email that I can reach you at and I will get back to you promptly.


We understand this is a great deal of information.






Please, contact the office with questions or concerns, many times the rumor mill is very inaccurate.  We deal with each situation on a case by case basis and many times people make assumptions and do not have the entire story, nor should they due to confidential situations, so please deal with us directly if you have any issues. We are willing to work with families whenever possible and reasonable.



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