General Information & Calendar dates 2019-2020 Faith Formation Program

Parish of the Transfiguration General Information & Calendar dates 2018-2019 Faith Formation Program



Teen Program

  Sunday, June 10th at 7:00pm or Wednesday June 13th   at 2:30, There are two meetings scheduled for newly Confirmed teens who might want to enter a leadership ministry role, such as teaching, homeschool coordination, event planning to name a few.  The meeting will go over expectations as well as a brief synopsis of what is available as well as time expectations that best suit their schedules.  The teens need only to attend one meeting and attending does not commit them.  They would need to sign up once they have heard all of the information.


Teacher Meetings

Wednesday, August 29th teacher meeting, grades 1 through 6, 6pm to 7pm lower level of St. Thomas.

Wednesday, August 29th teacher meeting, grades 7 through 10, 7:15pm to 8:15pm lower level of the Church

·         We request all teachers attend a meeting as there have been curriculum changes and materials will be ready for pick up.  We ask that all teachers call their students by Saturday September 1st.


Wednesday, September 5th , 7pm – St. Thomas Main Church, required meeting for parents/guardians who have selected Homeschool to overview requirements, curriculum and pick up book(s).  Students who are participating in homeschool MUST submit lessons monthly, as outlined in the calendar provided that evening. Students must also attend two in class lessons which are also listed on the calendar.  There will be several day and time options for the in-class lessons to accommodate schedules.



Grade level Masses

Grade level Masses are a way for each grade to come together as a whole with their families to participate in their faith with their Parish Community.  These Masses are extremely important in the essence of bringing your child up in the faith that you have chosen for them.  Mass attendance should be a regular part of a family routine and it is particularly important that children attend their grade level Mass to understand they are part of a Faith Community, this is considered part of their Faith Formation education and every effort to attend should be made. We need parents to partner with us to role model and invest in the future of their children’s wellbeing in relation to their faith.



Sunday, September 9th – Grade 2 Blessing Mass 9am. – St. Thomas

Sunday, September 16th – Catechetical Sunday, Mass 9am. – St. Thomas

Sunday, September 23rd – Grade 3 Blessing Mass 9am – St. Thomas

Sunday, September 30th – Grade 10 Blessing Mass 12:00 - St. Thomas

Sunday, October 21st – Grade 9 Mass 12:00 – St. Thomas

Sunday, November 4th – Grade 8 Mass 12:00 – St. Thomas                                           

Sunday, November 18th – Grade 7 Mass 9:00 -  St. Thomas           

Sunday, December 9th – Grade 2 Reconciliation Pin Mass                              



Sunday, January 13th – Grade 1 Blessing Mass 9:00 – St. Thomas

Sunday, February 3rd – Grade 5 Blessing Mass 9:00 – St. Thomas

Sunday, March 3rd – Grade 4 Blessing Mass 9:00 – St. Thomas

Sunday, March 24th – Grade 6 Blessing Mass 9:00 – St. Thomas



Children’s Liturgy of the word takes place on alternating Sundays with our grade level Masses.  We do take vacations and long weekends into consideration.  This is a wonderful opportunity for grades preschool through grade 5 to experience the Readings and the Gospel in a forum that is geared towards their age.  We proclaim the Readings together and then split into age level groups to discuss the Readings and the Gospel and how they relate to the children’s daily lives. Children’s liturgy also introduces seasonal education based on the Church calendar, some examples would be Advent, lent and Ordinary Time. The children enjoy coming downstairs and are so engaged it proves to be a warming experience to young children while introducing and reinforcing our Faith. Coffee and donuts are provided to the congregation after Mass to further fellowship among our Parish Faith Community and it is a wonderful opportunity to meet up and chat with folks and in many cases form lifelong friendships

CHILDREN’s LITURGY Sunday 9am Mass at St. Thomas

Sunday, October 14th 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday, October 28th 9am Mass. St. Thomas

Sunday, November 11th, 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday, December 3rd, 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday, December 16th, 9am Mass St. Thomas   

Sunday, January 6th – Epiphany, 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday, January 27th – 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday, February 10th – 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday, March 10th – 9am Mass St. Thomas

Sunday March 24th – 9am St. Thomas




Sacramental dates and information for 2018 - 2019

·        Grade 2 Reconciliation Saturday, December 8th,  2018 – Location St. Thomas

·        Sunday, December 9th - Grade 2 children receive Eucharist pins in honor of receiving Reconciliation at the 9am Mass at St. Thomas

·         Confirmation Events (Reminders and details will go out for each event as they approach)

·         Saturday, November 10th, grade 9 and 10 Service Day 10:30 to 5:00 St. Dorothy (Participation in the event is not required).

·         Saturday January 5th and Saturday February 2nd, grade 10 retreats 10:35 to 6:30, location will be St. Thomas Church and Villanova Hall. Grade 10 students will be assigned to a retreat at The Parish of The Transfiguration, if a student cannot make the January or February retreats, they MUST locate an approved retreat as a requirement for Confirmation.

·         Tuesday March 19th, 7pm – St. Thomas, grade 10 Reconciliation Service. Grade 10 students are required to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This service is not mandatory, but, is offered to assist the teens and the parents though the Sacrament and has become very popular.  You may also choose to attend Reconciliation at another time at our Parish or at another Church.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation validates the Sacrament of Confirmation and you are REQUIRED to bring your child prior to their Day of Confirmation.

·         Sunday, March 24th, grade 10 Candlelight Service, 7pm at St. Thomas. This service is the last official class for grade 10 students.  ALL candidates attend this Sunday night service and there are NO classes Monday March 25th.  Sponsors should plan on attending, in the event they are unable to make this service a parent or guardian may stand in

Confirmation Dates and Practices:

(Sponsor or a Confirmed Adult must be present)

·         Saturday, April 27th 2019– St. Thomas Church

·         Practice will be Monday April 22nd or Tuesday April 23rd (depending on which ceremony you are assigned) from 7pm to 8:15pm in the lower level of St. Thomas

·         Sunday, April 28th   2019 – St. Dorothy Church

·         Practice will be Wednesday, April 24th from 7:00 – 8:15pm in the lower level of St. Dorothy


Communion Dates and Practices:

(Parents/guardians, please plan on attending practices with your children)

·         Saturday, May 4th 2019– St. Dorothy Church

·         Practices will be Tuesday, April 30th and Wednesday May 1st

·         Saturday, May 11th 2019 – St. Thomas Church

·         Practices will be Tuesday, May 7th and Wednesday, May 8th


Youth Group Description – June 2018

The Youth Group, which started in September 2016, is comprised of a small team of confirmed junior and senior high school students.  The members plan and participate in events, activities and service type projects, while instilling Catholic morals and values.  We meet monthly and as needed.  Each member is required to make a 2-year commitment and attend at least six meetings and six events.

This is a way for our older students to stay in the program and share their faith, time and talents with those in our parish community.  Each activity or event will either be a fundraiser, social event for the faith formation students and their families and/or have a message or lesson to it – whether it be religious or service oriented. 

Some of our past activities and events include:

·         Summer day camp

·         Parish cookout


·         All Hallows Eve Ice Cream Social 


·         Decorating the Parish halls and We’re One Wilmington Tree


·         Fundraising at Christmas craft fair and bazaar and WOW Festival of Trees

·         St. Nicholas Workshop / Christmas Caroling

·         Lenten Service Project

·         Winter Break Day Camp


·         Palm Sunday Procession

·         Participated in the Merrimack Valley Youth Catholic Conference

·         Assist with the food pantry

·         God Given Talent Show

·         Summer service work



Parish Events for Families/Children


·        Parish Pic Nic – Saturday, September 22nd – St. Thomas grounds

·        St. Nicholas Night – Friday, November 30th – St. Thomas

·        Talent Show – Saturday, March 23rd – Villanova Hall

·        Faith Formation for Youth and Families Volunteer Thank You Gathering – Saturday March 30th, Villanova Hall


There will be more events added to the Event Calendar as the year progresses, that will be designed for the youth in our Parish. For more information regarding these dates please go to our High School Youth Ministry Group page.



















Our Hands on Adaptive class is for children who are unable to be mainstreamed into a classroom due to various reasons.   This class is designed to serve those children in a manner that is engaging, hands on and structured.  The children each work with a buddy



November 5th, 2018

November 18th, 2018

December 2nd, 2018

December 9th, 2018

December 16th, 2018



January 6th, 2019

January 13th, 2019

January 27th, 2019

February 3rd, 2019

February 10th, 2019

March 3rd, 2019

March 10th, 2019                                                                              



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