What is Cursillo? Cursillo is an encounter with Christ in a small community of the Church so that His love and grace can be brought to every aspect of life. Cursillo began in Spain in 1939 and has spread throughout the world. The word “Cursillo” means, “little course.” The Cursillo is a little course in Christianity. In a fuller sense, Cursillo is an experience of people gathered into a small community by Christ to promote their growth in grace and to intensify their ability to be His witnesses in the world.

What is the format of Cursillo?

Cursillo begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday afternoon. The first part of the weekend is called the “retreat phase” of the Cursillo. It lasts from Thursday evening until breakfast on Friday. Then, the “little course” really begins. Throughout the weekend lay people and priests present the basic teachings of Christ. Each presentation is followed by a discussion. Daily Eucharist, the Sacrament of Penance, common prayer and personal prayer are significant elements of the weekend.

Who makes a Cursillo?

Any Catholic, 25 years old or older, who wants to deepen their faith commitment to Christ and his Church is welcome to participate in Cursillo.

What is required to make a Cursillo?

Each person who participates in Cursillo needs a sponsor; that is, someone who has already participated in a Cursillo weekend. The sponsor will provide you with information about Cursillo and give you the application form. The sponsor also completes a portion of the application. The signature of a priest is needed on the application form.

What follows Cursillo?

After Cursillo, optional gatherings renew the Cursillo community in a spirit of Christian friendship and support so that the members are further motivated to live and share their faith with others. People who have participated in Cursillo are encouraged to become active in their parishes. The parish is where prayer and the sacraments nourish our faith.

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