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Welcome to St. Dorothy and St. Thomas Churches!

Join us in the celebration of Word and Sacrament as we continue to grow in our Catholic faith and as a faith community. We welcome all to join us as we seek to follow Christ, to come alive in His Spirit, and to share His love with one another.

Parish Office: 11 Harnden St., Wilmington 978-658-4665
Faith Formation Office: 126 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington 978-658-6040

MASS SCHEDULE                                                                                               St. Thomas Church, Sunday 8 AM & Noon / St. Dorothy Church, Saturday 4 PM & Sunday 10 AM        Weekday Masses
Monday - Wednesday, 9 AM St. Dorothy Church                                                                        Communion Services, Thursdays & Fridays 9 AM St. Dorothy Church



2022 Catholic Appeal: Helping Parishes Do What They Do Best Your support of the Catholic Appeal provides ongoing and wide-ranging operational support and assistance to our parishes as they do what they do best: carry out Christ’s mission to help those most in need. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CATHOLIC APPEAL VIDEO INFORMATION ABOUT THE CATHOLIC APPEAL 2022 HERE 

Faith Formation Registration is now open for 2022-2023. You can find the registration form/link on our website:, click the Faith formation tab. We also offer an adaptive faith formation class for students that need more assistance in the classroom. We also offer a heritage faith formation session class for students that have missed 1 or more years of faith formation and would like to return. If you have any question please email or call 978-658-6040. You can also register here:

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Forgive us for the war, Lord. Lord Jesus, son of God, have mercy on us sinners. Lord Jesus, born under the bombs of Kyiv, have mercy on us. Lord Jesus, dead in the arms of a mother in Kharkiv, have mercy on us. Lord Jesus, in the 20-year-olds sent to the frontline, have mercy on us. Lord Jesus, who continues to see hands armed with weapons under the shadow of the cross, forgive us, Lord. Forgive us if, not content with the nails with which we pierced your hand, we continue to drink from the blood of the dead torn apart by weapons. Forgive us if these hands that you had created to protect have been turned into instruments of death. Forgive us, Lord, if we continue to kill our brother. Forgive us, Lord, if we continue to kill our brother, if we continue like Cain to take the stones from our field to kill Abel. Forgive us if we go out of our way to justify cruelty, if, in our pain, we legitimize the cruelty of our actions. Forgive us the war, Lord. Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, we implore you to stop the hand of Cain, enlighten our conscience, let not our will be done, do not abandon us to our own doing. Stop us, Lord, stop us, and when you have stopped the hand of Cain, take care of him also. He is our brother. O Lord, stop the violence. Stop us, Lord. Amen.          Pope Francis



Cardinal Seán encourages Catholics to participate in the daily and Sunday Masses broadcast from the CatholicTV chapel.

  • Daily Mass airs live at 9:30am and is rebroadcast at 7pm and 11:30pm.
  • Sunday Masses air throughout the day at 10am, 4pm, 7pm, and 11:30pm.
  • The Sunday Spanish Mass airs live at 8am and is rebroadcast at 5:30pm and 10pm.

Viewers can watch these Masses on demand at any time at For more information about CatholicTV and where you can watch it, visit



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Weekend Masses St. Thomas

Sunday 8 AM & Noon                 

Weekend Masses St. Dorothy 

Saturday 4 PM & Sunday 10 AM 

Weekday Masses

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. @ St. Dorothy Church

Communion Services on Thursdays and Fridays at 9 a.m. @ St. Dorothy Church

Rosary starts at 8:25 a.m. prior to daily Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation 

Saturday - 3-15 to 3:45PM St. Dorothy Church or by appointment

Adoration  First Friday of the Month at St. Dorothy’s 2-5pm

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